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Wayne and his staff has handled all of our business paperwork for over 10 years.  I can’t think of using anyone else.  I like that they visit with me during the year so that I can spot trends”

-James Billeaudeau, Chem-Dry of Acadiana

“Wayne promised better profits and less taxes for my business over 25 years ago.  They delivered ! During that time we have become friends, and I know they care about me and my business”

-Dwain Martin, Martin’s Specialties, Inc.

“My brother and I have been using Rabalais Business Consulting for over 15 years. We began with 2 businesses, and now we are up to 6.  During that time, Wayne and his staff have handled all  of our tax and accounting paperwork, SBA loan packaging, bank loan negotiations, and helping us understand what the numbers mean”

-Ralph (Pete Nolen), Entrepreneur

“Wayne promised me that my business and I would never be just a number 10+ years ago.  He and his staff care about my two businesses, and I know I can trust them to reduce our paperwork, give me accurate figures, and was instrumental in our being approved for a sizable SBA loan.  Great job Uncle Wayne”.

-Richard McIntosh, 2M-Tek, Inc.

“Rabalais Business Consulting and our business have been associated for almost 20 years.  They help us understand the numbers so that we aren’t surprised at the end of the year. Wayne was instrumental in our forming and incorporating  our new division in Baton Rouge.  Wayne and his staff are a trusted member of our team”

-Ty Greneaux/Frank Urban, Acadiana Garage Doors: Lafayette, Baton Rouge.

“We visited with Wayne after being referred by a friend. We had been with the usual investment firms (Wayne called them “retailers”)for many years, but were not satisfied with making some money one year, just to lose a large percentage the the next year, and no guarantees.  Wayne showed us some unique financial products that had guarantees + tax deferral + cannot be attached by lawsuit. We had heard of Fran Tarkenton, so we were secure knowing that we were dealing with someone locally that Fran had chosen as his representative. For the past 6 years, the annual growth of our retirement funds with Wayne have been better than expected: with no fees, no charges, no commissions.  We are believers. ”

-T.A., Lafayette, La.

“Our company retirement account was totally invested in the stock market. We had lost so much money that our 401(K) was a 201(k)!  As my wife and I were approaching retirement, we were concerned about the safety and security of our money.  Wayne came in and analyzed our situation and suggested a retirement plan that not only brought our money back to whole, but is the only retirement plan that allows a tax deduction for life insurance, which we needed.  Way to go, Uncle Wayne!”

-D.M., Scott, La.

“We set up a meeting with Wayne to discuss our retirement funding needs.  We had been doing business with a large brokerage house, with assurances that “the stock market will come back”. Over several meetings, Wayne had us gather up both our tax paperwork and our financial paperwork.  We soon realized the advantage of having someone like Wayne who could provide guidance for both our tax issues and our financial issues. Wayne proposed several changes in both our business structure and our retirement structures, the result of which has been significant tax savings and significant retirement plan yields, all with no risk and no fees.  We are glad to be one of his clients!”

-R.E., New Iberia, La.

“I have been a Wayne Rabalais believer for over 10 years:  my CPA referred me to Wayne since I had been complaining to my CPA about the losses in my retirement accounts and the lack of service with my present brokerage firm.  Wayne proceeded to show me products that I: (1) had never heard of (from my stockbroker), and (2) the actual annual positive returns he showed made my head spin. Well, after 10 years, Wayne has placed over $1,000,000 of my retirement funds in safe, secure, no-fee products.  Wow!  The returns are real, the companies Wayne represents (through Tarkenton Financial) are some of the largest in the world & my service from Wayne has been spectacular!  I wish I had met Wayne a long time ago!”

-G.M., Lafayette, La.

Rabalais Business Consulting is a Lafayette business consulting firm providing one stop shop services for most small business needs. We provide business, accounting and financial consulting along with retirement advisory services. We are Acadiana’s small business survival specialists.

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