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Rabalais Business Consulting - Business Consulting and Tax Solutions in Lafayette LARabalais Business Consulting, located in Lafayette, LA, provides specialized professional business and accounting services to the traditional small business. Our two goals are simple: help you improve your bottom line and help you reduce your taxes. We do that by developing a customized program specifically for your business. Each program is  designed to grow, protect, and conserve your hard-earned wealth.

A business consultant can be compared to an offensive coordinator with a football team. He coordinates the actions of specialists to accomplish specific goals. As business consultants we maintain a vast knowledge of accounting, taxation, financial planning, business operations, and general business knowledge.

Utilizing reports that we generate, at frequent face-to-face meetings at their convenience, we help the client understand what the numbers mean in relation to their tax and financial situations; both business and personal. The client is given tax-saving ideas, shown how to simplify their paperwork, how to spot trends, how to develop a cash-flow maximization plan, and how to prepare for their business and personal future.

Not only do we consult with small businesses, we are ourselves a small business.  We do not have hundreds of clients.  Instead, we focus our energy and expertise on a select number of clients and strive to give them unparalleled service and attention. Your small business is big business to us!

We have been in continuous operation in Lafayette, LA for over 30 years. With a team of professionals with backgrounds in accounting, tax preparation, financial services, insurance, financial planning, computerization, estate planning, business planning, and business consulting, we are a one-stop shop for most small business needs.

Rabalais Business Consulting is a Lafayette business consulting firm providing one stop shop services for most small business needs. We provide business, accounting and financial consulting along with retirement advisory services. We are Acadiana’s small business survival specialists.

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