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Tax Review Time!

We offer a free, no-obligation ($750 value) business and personal tax review.

April 15th has come and gone. Your tax return has either been extended (even though you brought your tax preparer your information weeks ago), or has been e-filed.Now you wait. Did you get all of the business and personal tax deductions you were entitled to? Was your tax preparer a different person than last year? Did you provide your tax preparer the proverbial “box of receipts” or did they send you a nice, professional tax organizer? How long did the tax preparer spend with you discussing all possible tax deductions you were eligible for? Do you receive a free monthly tax newsletter from your tax preparer so that you can keep up with all of the tax law changes (Federal and State)?

Now, a really important question: is there a client number anywhere on your tax returns? Unfortunately, with the larger tax preparation firms, that is sometimes all that you are—a number. How impersonal is that?

At our firm, you would not have client numbers on your tax paperwork. We don’t prepare thousands of tax returns a year, so we get to learn our client’s names and know our clients by name. When you have your tax returns prepared here, you will see the same person that was here the year before.

We have been in continuous business here in the Lafayette area for over 35 years. We specialize in helping small business owners grow their business, increase profits, and reduce taxes. At the same time, we work with the business owner with personal tax and financial issues.

How do we get started? We offer a free, no-obligation ($750 value) business and personal tax review. All we need are your last year’s tax returns. They will be reviewed in total privacy, and given back to you at the end of the process. Your tax returns will be reviewed by a senior staff member (with years of business and
personal tax return experience), then a one-on-one visit will be set up to discuss the review. Over the past years’ it has been our experience that over 80% of the tax returns reviewed in this manner have legitimate deductions that were missed.

Call our office at (337)981-2577 or email: [email protected] to set up your confidential review.

Rabalais Business Consulting is a Lafayette business consulting firm providing one stop shop services for most small business needs. We provide business, accounting and financial consulting along with retirement advisory services. We are Acadiana’s small business survival specialists.

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