We Should All Be So Thankful!

Elaine and I started Rabalais Business Consulting many years ago here in Lafayette. I think it was 1979, Elaine thinks it was 1980. Anyway, our business was formed a long time ago with the simple concept of providing personalized paperwork organization, advising, and preparing personal and business tax returns—specifically to mom and pop small businesses. Along the way we added additional services as we saw the need.

Looking back now, we feel so fortunate and blessed that our firm has progressed, grown, and prospered as much as it has. We did not do it alone. We had a lot of help (and a little bit of luck) along the way. Could we have been as successful in any other part of the country? I don’t think so.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, we want to say “Thank You” to all of our wonderful clients who have entrusted us with their small business needs, and who have become our friends. Without those clients, Rabalais Business Consulting would have remained a dream. We are also thankful that we live and work in the best area of the State of Louisiana, in the greatest nation of the world.

We hope that you and yours enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving this year.


Rabalais Business Consulting is a Lafayette business consulting firm providing one stop shop services for most small business needs. We provide business, accounting and financial consulting along with retirement advisory services. We are Acadiana’s small business survival specialists.

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