The Nu-Nu Rabalais Method of Accounting

Edward P Rabalais, Sr (Nu Nu to all who knew him) was an air conditioning and electrical contractor who lived in Moreauville (Avoyelles Parish). He had to travel to Alexandria (about 50 miles one way) to get his supplies to complete his jobs. This was in the late 1950s, early 1960s, so there were no Home Depots and Lowes around. His truck was not air conditioned, so he had to ride around with the windows open most of the time. He was a heavy smoker, as was common in those days; he did not want to smother his helpers, which at times included his young sons. After making his purchases, he usually put the receipts on the floor, in the glove box, between the folds of the seat, or on the dashboard. After a time, when the stack of receipts caused him to have to sit up taller in his seat to see out of the windshield, he would gather those receipts that did not blow out, have cigarette holes, rained on, stained with coffee, or had fallen between the windshield and the dashboard, and bring them to the local school principal, who was a part-time bookkeeper and tax preparer.

Those days of recordkeeping are long gone. If you own a small business, you cannot afford to wait until the end of the year to begin gathering your records to have your taxes prepared, and hope for the best. You have to deal with the paperwork on at least a monthly basis.

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By the way, I knew this contractor very well. I was one of the young sons that rode around with him and helped him with his jobs. He was my dad. His truck much like the one in the picture.

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