Spring Time is Here

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Last weekend, Elaine and I had the pleasure of having our Houston grandchildren (and their mom) visit us for a few days. I had promised Zach that I would teach him how to drive my 1953 Chevy panel truck. This truck is the cover photo of my business FB page.

In a very short time, he learned how to operate the standard transmission. Starting out from a dead stop is hard, but he got the hang of it fairly quickly. Must be all of those video games. He got to drive the truck around the parking lot several times over the course of three days. Then he got to drive around our subdivision a few times. I think I had as much fun as he did.

Zach’s sister, Zoe, could be a farm girl. She loves the outdoors. I have a raised-bed garden that I constructed a couple of years ago. Zoe helped me plant tomatoes, several kinds of bell peppers, and egg plants in this garden. I chose Better Boy tomatoes, and I tried one that I had never used before: Heinz (it even had a Heinz logo on the planter carton).

Later, Zoe helped me plant several bulbs of Canna Lillies. She even got to bring a couple of them home in a pot of her own. She agreed that I should take pics of the garden and plants as they progress.

My short time with Zach, and Zoe and their mom reminded me that life is not just about work or business. You have to enjoy the simple, everyday pleasures such as driving around in and old truck, and digging in the dirt.

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