Oh, No It’s Tax Time!!!

We are now in the thick of the 2011 tax season. Here in Louisiana we had lots of activity that will impact our 2011 taxes. Do you know what they are and how they can affect either your business and/or your personal tax returns?

Here at Rabalais Business Consulting your small business is big business to us. We specialize with working with the small business, the “mom and pop”. We can help you get your paperwork organized, make sure your taxes get filed correctly and on time, give you on-going tax savings advice during the year. We also do small business loans and offer safe,secure retirement products.

Yes, we are in the thick of the 2011 tax season, but you still have time to greatly impact how your 2011 taxes will pan out. How?

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation tax review. At the review, we look at your past 3 years’ personal and business tax returns in strictest confidence. From our more than 25 years’ in working with small businesses like yours, we can just about guarantee that you left money on the tax table; especially if you used one of the big box tax prep chains.

Contact us today to schedule your free tax review, and get your 2011 tax season started right!

Rabalais Business Consulting is a Lafayette business consulting firm providing one stop shop services for most small business needs. We provide business, accounting and financial consulting along with retirement advisory services. We are Acadiana’s small business survival specialists.

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