LLC or Not?

To LLC or not to LLC, that is the question. LLCs are becoming a more popular form of business structure (especially in Louisiana) for businesses. But you have to be careful that you do more than just go to the attorney’s office to sign paperwork.

You have to make sure you understand the tax ramifications of forming an LLC. If you are not careful you could pay more than 33% tax on any profits at the end of the year.

LLCs can be taxed a either a: (1) a super sole-proprietorship, (2) partnership, (3) CCorp, or (4) SCorp. Which form you choose has a huge impact on your taxes at year-end.

IRS gives you relief should you, for example, formed your LLC in 2014 as a pure LLC, but later you would like your tax treatment to be more favorable. You guessed it. You need to file another form. And IRS gives you up to 24 MONTHS to file provided the right language is used on the form.

Correctly set up, an LLC can have a great positive impact on you and your business. Properly maintained an LLC can shelter your personal assets from lawsuits, and is exempt from paying Louisiana franchise tax.

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