Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year to all of you! Can’t believe it’s 2014! This time of year, as we approach tax season, you might be receiving notices like the one attached. It is very official-looking, like it is from the government. It’s not. This is a private company that sells various employment posters. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! (Or companies like it).

It’s unfortunate that at this critical time, private companies prey on small businesses with official-looking mail like the one attached. You don’t have to buy anything from this company. The employment posters and information that they are selling are free for the asking from the local Louisiana Department of Labor. If you have issues getting in touch with them, contact us and we will lend a hand.

If you know of any small business that is either struggling, has bought Quickbooks but not taken it out of the box, or is overwhelmed with paperwork, we would appreciate being contacted. We offer a free, no-cost, no obligation tax and business review to any small business. Just contact us to set up a visit.

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