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Update on an Exciting New Platform

Dear Partners,

I wanted to update you on something exciting I’ve recently become involved with that is sure to bring a whole new group of entrepreneur customers to our business products.

A few months ago I was asked to become a regular contributor to, a leading online business publication. Business Insider is the 4th largest business website, with over 25 million unique visitors a month. The potential reach to new customers for Tarkenton Co., and our closest partners like you, is enormous. Last month Business Insider surpassed in unique visitors. It also has almost 1.8 million Facebook followers, almost 650K Twitter followers, and 5.7 million Google+ views! This all represents a huge opportunity of audience for Tarkenton Co. and all of you. It also burnishes my credibility and reputation as a top influencer and industry expert on entrepreneurship, which then trickles down to you, my partners and associates.

As a regular contributor, I now have a platform to reach millions of would-be and existing entrepreneurs who are proven ongoing readers of Business Insider. Their huge and diverse audience consists of business owners across the spectrum, from Main Street to Wall Street, from the fresh-out-of-college tech wiz to the startup bakery chain, to the stay-at-home mom selling online crafts. Every single one of them wants and needs the kind of startup knowledge we provide—the kind they can’t get from books or classrooms. They can only get it from people like us, who have done it already and can show them, hands-on, how to grow and succeed. My first articles for Business Insider, which focus on strategy, already exceeded 15,000 reads in just the first few days. And we continue to reach new readers by staying alive on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, where each new reader then shares the article with their own followers.

Business Insider was founded by former Wall Streeter Henry Blodgett in 2009 as Silicon Alley Insider, and now covers tech, media, law, Wall Street, investing and entrepreneurship. It consists of blogs Clusterstock, Silicon Alley Insider, The Money Game, the War Room, the Wire, and Law Review. Business Insider’s recent round of $12 million in funding comes from such well-known investors as Jeff Bezos, Gordon Crovitz, and Allan & Co., all of whom, I think we can agree, certainly have the credibility and reputation of backing the right horses.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about our growth, our new horizons, and our future successes together. I know I am! With new and ongoing opportunities like this Business Insider platform, we’re assured of building new relationships and customers that will help us all succeed.

Next week I will update you on our expanded network radio and internet television plan. It is far and away the biggest we have ever done.

All the best,

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