December Tax Planning??

One night in December you flip the television off at 10 PM and decide to get a head start on your taxes. Problem is, your small business paperwork is either on the dashboard of your truck or stashed in a box somewhere in the attic. Don’t worry, even if you could get your hands on your paperwork you can’t do tax planning in December. It’s too late.

So right now, while you’re thinking about it, call Rabalais Businesss Consulting. The small business specialists at Rabalais Business Consulting understand how planning during the year helps you sleep better at night. They’ll show you affordable and easy ways to organize your paperwork, send in the proper forms to the IRS and to Louisiana, on time, respond to “ugly mail” from government agencies, provide advice all year, and prepare your tax forms at the end of the year.

After all, you’ll have better things to do in December than worry about what you should have done today. Call Rabalais Business Consulting at 337-981-2577 for a no-cost, no­ obligation review. Or visit us on-line at Rabalais Business Consulting, we are the small business specialists.

You don’t have to be on the edge about small business problems anymore.

Rabalais Business Consulting is a Lafayette business consulting firm providing one stop shop services for most small business needs. We provide business, accounting and financial consulting along with retirement advisory services. We are Acadiana’s small business survival specialists.

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