But I have QuickBooks!!

Thousands of small business owners rely on Quickbooks to take care of their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Used properly, it is a terrific software package, and it can help a small business owner accomplish many things. Many of our clients use Quickbooks, and, in most instances, we can provide support and assistance.

But, Quickbooks, like all business tools has limitations. It is like a calculator: if you put in the correct numbers, you should get the right answer. But, will you know what the answer means? Will you understand what the numbers mean?

Again, Quickbooks is just a tool. It will spit out enough reports to use up a forest of trees. As with all reports, you as the small business owner need to know what those reports are telling you about your small business. You need to know the on-going tax and financial situations happening in your business. Don’t rely on Quickbooks to be the fix-all of your business. You need to rely on a seasoned professional to help you understand what those numbers mean to your small business and your family.

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